It’s great to be back in Malawi and we got to Mzuzu at 10pm last night.  This was a bit later than planned and made me wish I hadn’t promised friends that we would see them at the 8am service this morning!  However, all we had planned for today was church and lunch with Rev Stephen & Linda Bota – or so we thought!

Kachere Church is always a great experience and there were some great choirs this morning.


It was good to catch up with Stephen and Linda – Linda is a great help to Malawi Fruits because she serves as our independent Safeguarding Officer.  Any staff or farmers who have concerns are able to call her for support and it is one of the ways that we ensure that everyone is safe and protected from any kind of abuse.

We did start our work sooner than expected when Stephen suggested we visit a farm where a borehole has just been installed and they needed some advice about a solar pump for irrigation.  John Littlejohn, our water expert who is here with me, was keen to help   and so we ended up in a field measuring the depth of the borehole with a piece of string, and all still in our Sunday best – Stephen had taken his clerical collar off though!


Plenty more to come…