Today was our last day of work before beginning the journey home and it was spent in the delightful company of the Church of Scotland Guild. We had a real adventure together, navigating some seriously rough and dusty roads to visit young people who are benefitting from Futurepumps paid for from Guild donations.

It was a great insight into the difference that technology can make in a remote place.  At Chowe, we met a group of 15 young people who are sharing 6 Futurepumps and are growing tomatoes, beans, maize, rape and mustard. They talked about the difference the pump is making to their lives, extending the amount of land they can farm and allowing three crops to be grown in the year, rather than just one.


6 women and 2 men from the Guild made the journey with us, walking over steep and rough farmland and negotiating a precarious bridge – but they were all encouraged and moved with what they saw – saying, “This is the real Malawi”.   I think they are right.

We are now enjoying a short break at Makuzi Beach Lodge which is not the real Malawi but is a welcome respite after two weeks of intensive work.  We fly home on Monday, sad to leave, but knowing that we leave our enthusiastic and passionate staff team to carry on the work and bring Good News to the poor.