With demonstrations continuing in Mzuzu, we spent Tuesday and Wednesday in the peace and tranquility of Njaya Lodge in Nkhata Bay. The Senior Staff team – Atusaye, Redson and Chikondi – were able to join us as well as Rob who is doing some consultancy work for us.

It was an encouraging day, reviewing our projects one by one and identifying encouragements and challenges for each one.  We now have updated action plans to keep everything on track and ensure we achieve our goal of improving the lives of hundreds of small-scale farmers.

We also spent time looking ahead and considering new projects which will add value to what we do.  Inevitably this involves the hard slog of funding applications and today we have finished work on an exciting new proposal which we have sent to the Scottish Government.  They have been great supporters of Malawi Fruits right from the start and we hope they will share our enthusiasm for our latest ideas.

Working at the lakeside is a joy – mostly.  At 6am I took a beautiful picture of the lake before going for a swim before breakfast.  However, by evening, a huge swarm of lake flies had decided they would like to share my bedroom.  Thankfully they only got as far as the balcony.


Down at the water’s edge, women will stand in the middle of the swarm with a basket soaked in water and spin it round to collect the flies to make supper.

I ordered fish and chips instead!