Irrigation scheme

The view down the valley at Tapukwa is a delight – the green area in the centre of the picture is the irrigation scheme, bristling with crops in the midst of all the dry land.  This is only one part of this amazing  project, and this week we are working on the hydro power and clean water elements.  It is really hot here – around 32 degrees – and hard work just walking up the steep hill to where the water tanks are. When we got there, we were greeted by the local labourers who are digging the channels for the pipework: these guys have carried every brick, every bag of cement and every gallon of water needed for the construction works and it’s really humbling to see how hard they have worked.


We will be back at Tapukwa on Friday for a few days to commission the water purification system.  Hastings Makandawire, the “hydro man”, will be with us and he will be installing the hydro turbine – by next week we hope to have power and clean water!

On our way home we called in to see Rev Major Gondwe. This wonderful man has retired as a Church minister and returned to his home village where he is working to develop his community.  I first met the Major some six years ago and he has been instrumental in making this project happen – I salute you Sir!

Rev Major
Malawi Fruit’s Development Executive Atusaye Kayuni; John Littlejohn, our water expert; and Rev Major Gondwe