We’re now pretty much at the end of this trip to Malawi and very fortunate to be able to grab a couple of days at the lake before our flight home.  Makuzi beach is probably the most beautiful place in Malawi and truly idyllic – a million miles away from the poverty and hard lives of our farmers who are only some 80km from here.  In many ways this sums up Malawi: a land of contrasts; a land of beauty and broken-ness.

There is so much to admire about Malawi – the beauty of the mountains and lake; the strength of families and community; the rich vein of faith running through society – and yet poverty and pain are never far away.  Beauty and broken-ness.

Multi tasking woman on bike
The very definition of multi-tasking!

My friend Given sent me this photo which shows the reality of life in Malawi, especially for women. Just surviving and bringing up a family is crushingly hard work and fraught with difficulties.

It’s really not difficult to fall in love with Malawi, but it is incredibly challenging to try to bring some lasting change.  We have some innovative programmes and a great bedrock of support from Scotland (thank you!) and together we will keep working to do what we can to bring beauty out of broken-ness.