The MFT team at their staff training day

Today was a great day training our staff team from our Modern Farming Technologies (MFT) trading company.  When we deploy our solar irrigation pumps, we do so as MFT, rather than Malawi Fruits.  This gives great dignity to our farmers because their business is contracting with our business for the supply of the pump, rather than the farmers being made to feel that they are recipients of charity, receiving a handout.

Our team are Agriculture Specialists; Maintenance Officers; Customer Support Staff; Manager; and Finance Officers – altogether, a team of bright and enthusiastic Malawians who are doing a great job for us.  Today we were working on marketing, reporting, planning and customer care, and we’ll continue with a range of topics next week.  This is great development for us, and this investment in the staff team is the fruit of the fundraising efforts of the Guild and grant support from the United Nations.

Given in his craft shop

Mzuzu is a fast growing city (c. 500,000 people) but still in many ways feels like a small place.  I had only just arrived here and I got a call from Given, a local craftsman who I met in November.  He’s been busy since I last saw him and when we met yesterday I came away with 125 wooden animals and some other crafts, all of which will be a great attraction at Guild meetings as we come to give our presentations.  Our core purpose is to support Malawian businesses – this is usually farming businesses but we are doing a good sideline, supporting artisan crafts people!