Malawi Floods (UN image)
Homes, schools, roads and crops have all been washed away

Many of our supporters have been in touch to ask about the flooding and cyclone damage in Malawi and the news reports have been very distressing.

The situation is terrible for the people of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and the south of Malawi. The latest reports are that 900,000 people in Malawi have been affected, with many displaced from their homes.  The pictures of families huddled on the roof of their houses, surrounded by flood water, are heartbreaking.  The Scotland Malawi Partnership has a lot of information on their web site
For us, working in the north – we have been remarkably unaffected.  Of course, some of our staff have relatives in the south of the country so they are anxious about them and are trying to help, but from our project point of view, we are not involved.  I suspect we may see problems in the months to come because the port that was destroyed in Mozambique is the main route for imports to Malawi including all fuel – this may cause disruption to our work as fuel supplies dry up.
People have been asking whether we need donations as a result of the flooding but this is not necessary.  The Disasters Emergency Committee have launched an appeal and funds raised through that are used in a co-ordinated way to help many agencies work together to provide disaster relief.
Many thanks for your interest in our work and support for the people of Malawi.
Many children are homeless because of Cyclone Idai