Tapkwa Village
A hot day for working up at Tapukwa

It’s been a long, hot day up at Tapukwa – the village where we are working to bring irrigation, clean water and hydro power. We have been planning the project for many months and we’re finally at the construction stage and have made some great progress this week.


  • We have reached agreement with a contractor who will start straight away rebuilding and extending the irrigation scheme.
  • We climbed the really steep hill above the irrigation scheme (a reminder that I need to keep going to the gym if I want to do this work!) and identified the sites for the top tank and the power house for the hydro scheme.
  • We met with the specialist contractor who will install the hydro turbine and the associated charging stations – each of the 83 households will have a powerful battery which they can recharge at the charging station.  This contractor will finalise their quote and we plan to install in October.

It’s all good news and I love this project which we call Water for life.  We take water so much for granted back home but here it needs to be very carefully managed.  It’s great to be able to take water from the river, generate power with it and then use some for irrigation and purify the rest for drinking. In Malawi Fruits we often say we want to bring good news to the poor and this is definitely part of that mission.