Kilimanjaro Wednesday morning

Welcome to my first ever blog. Maybe this will be a way for you to get a better insight of the work of Malawi Fruits and I’m writing this in Mzuzu, Northern Malawi at the start of a 18 day trip.


It’s always huge contrasts as you travel from Scotland to Malawi:  BBC News tells me its minus 2 at Parkhead tonight for the Celtic game and I’m wondering how I’m going to sleep in a room that’s in the high 20s tonight. The frost on the ground when I left Edinburgh was replaced by parched land as we flew into Lilongwe airport – the vast areas of dry brown earth a stark reminder of why moving on our irrigation plans is such an important part of this particular trip.

The travel, as always, is exhausting but after 19 hours and 3 flights I arrived with all bags in tow and was pleased to find Malawi Fruits Trustee, Alan Laverock, waiting with a car – a pretty decent borrowed Landcruiser, our own battered Toyota Rav 4 having succumbed to the heat.  The original plan was to drive the 330Km to Mzuzu straight away but no Malawi plan ever works like that.  We had to meet Dan first – Dan works for MDG and we have applied to them for funding for our Sunflower Oil Plant.  He was keen to meet – and so was I – but he is heading to London for pretty much the whole time I’m in Malawi and so within an hour of touching down we’re seated in a café discussing the challenges of farmer co-operatives and the opportunities to help farmers through crop processing. All good stuff.

So now, finally, we’re in Mzuzu, heading for bed and then a day of planning tomorrow with the team.  Much more of that soon….

Good night