Malawi Fruits

20161123_073835 Kilimanjaro Wednesday morning

Welcome to my first ever blog. Maybe this will be a way for you to get a better insight of the work of Malawi Fruits and I’m writing this in Mzuzu, Northern Malawi at the start of a 18 day trip.

It’s always huge contrasts as you travel from Scotland to Malawi:  BBC News tells me its minus 2 at Parkhead tonight for the Celtic game and I’m wondering how I’m going to sleep in a room that’s in the high 20s tonight. The frost on the ground when I left Edinburgh was replaced by parched land as we flew into Lilongwe airport – the vast areas of dry brown earth a stark reminder of why moving on our irrigation plans is such an important part of this particular trip.

The travel, as always, is exhausting but after 19 hours and 3 flights I arrived with all bags…

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