We’ve had a great couple of training days with our staff team. Charles Howie took the lead focussing on developing a new Environmental Policy covering everything from our vehicle emissions to re-use of plastic  to deforestation.  The input from our young team was really encouraging and they are pushing Malawi Fruits to do more.  Our immediate action points are reducing office waste; using vehicles more efficiently; reducing timber use in staking for tomatoes; and starting our own tree nursery.


This morning the emphasis was on our polytunnel project to ensure that the team all have a good understanding of the great benefits it will bring for the women growers. We listed advantages and challenges then set about addressing what we could do to mitigate the challenges.  The discussion on post-harvest losses was really interesting as we worked out that with good training and resources, we will be able to save 30% of the typical 40% losses there are between field and plate!

This afternoon, it’s all about putting it into practice as the whole team assembled our Demonstration Polytunnel at the Mzuzu office.  From Monday, groups of women will come to see and learn and be inspired by the potential of polytunnel farming.


It’s hard to believe that we only left Glasgow a week ago – we’ve not been idle! Whenever I come to Malawi it seems that the days are long but the trip is short.