What an encouraging day!  We were up at Tapukwa where we have our Water for Life  project, bringing irrigation, clean water and hydro power to the community there. This time last year there were broken irrigation channels; some parts of the scheme not even built; and just 6 hectares of irrigated land for growing crops.  Now if you walk down the main channel (pictured) it is nearly 1km and there are 17 hectares with crops growing.  We have a year to go on this project by which time all 27 hectares will be in productive use.


We are heading back to Tapukwa on Thursday with local officials and the surveyor who is designing the weir on the river. Our building contractor is coming too, so we can get started on the tanks and buildings needed for the water treatment works. There is a lot still to do but the progress is great and I love the way the community are so involved in the project.