It’s been strange this week to visit some very humble homes at Tapukwa and to realise that through the support of the Scottish Government, we have the means to bring significant change.

Tapukwa is remote and difficult to access, especially during the rainy season but they have one great natural resource – their river. I’ve been emailing Tomas at Strathclyde University to let him know the water flow at this, the driest time of year (this was a bizarre episode where we ran out of sandbags so had improvise and  use Atusaye’s trousers filled with sand!)  Finally, we got the result and are encouraged by the flow rate and so it’s over to Tomas and team to see what can be done in terms of electricity generation.  Imagine a humble home like the one in my picture finally getting access to electric light!

Two quotes summed up our trip to Tapukwa:  one, from a mother who said,

“We are waiting for the electric light so that my child won’t step on a snake in the dark again.”

The second, from the Village Chief, who pointed to a toddler and said:

 “Maybe she will grow up not remembering a time before we had electricity.”

What an incentive to make this happen….