Solarmaji Team

Good planning day yesterday with these guys – Ben, Paul, me and Gareth – the team leading the large irrigation project. Together we’re accountable for a $750,000 project which is a big step for Malawi Fruits but great to be part of a talented team who can make this happen and impact thousands of lives.

I the evening I met with Centre for Youth Development who are working with us to deliver a smaller project – Inspiring Young Farmers.  It may be considerably smaller but it feels just as important and I’ll have more to say about the work with young farmers over the next couple of weeks.

In amongst these meetings, I took time to buy crafts from the local sellers.  I am their best customer (genuinely) because I spend about £800 twice a year, buying craft items which our speakers take with them when they speak about Malawi Fruits at churches, Rotary Clubs and other groups.  Malawi Fruits supporters buy these items which means I can keep supporting these local craftsmen – a small thing but it’s another way of encouraging small businesses here.  So, yesterday when I showed up at the craft stalls I was greeted warmly with a Malawian compliment which would be an insult back home:  “Ah, Mr Kelvin, how good to see you.  You are looking well – you are very fat!

If you would like a speaker for your group, Church or Rotary Club, please contact Russell Crawford