Delighted that Nandos is buying chillies and paprika which our farmers produce

Quite excited last week to realise that when I eat in Nandos I’m actually helping our Malawian farmers!  Of course, there are many direct ways you can support Malawi Fruits but feel free to give Nandos some custom as a thank you for buying our crops – we sell to Ex Agris and they export to South Africa and so to Nandos.


I’m back in Mzuzu now after a series of meetings in Lilongwe and then a weekend at the lake.  Lake Malawi is truly beautiful and always full of surprises.  Beautiful weather during the day was very welcome and then the most amazing sheet lightning last night.  The heavy rain at night brought all the farmers out today and you could see them all planting out their crops believing that “the rains have come” – I hope they are right.


Millions of lake flies heading for the shore


The other surprise was the dark clouds over the lake.  It was the strangest cloud formation until I realised that it was a massive cloud of lake flies – millions of them and they came ashore and settled in my room (or so it seemed) . Thankfully they don’t bite but they have no respect for a mosquito net either.  I slept with my tin of doom beside me and woke in the morning with everything covered in a blanket of dead flies.  Malawians sweep them up and make a kind of pate – very rich in protein I’m told but I don’t think you can get it at Nandos!